Invited Speakers List

Program Theme Title Name Affiliation
Keynote   Innovations in Active Matrix OLED and Flexible Displays Prof.Nobert Fruhauf University of Shuttgart
Keynote   Ultra-High Definition and High Image-Quality Video Systems and Displays Dr.Taiichiro Kurita National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
Symposium TFT TFMD Fabrication of Local Ge on Insulator Structures by Lateral Liquid-Phase Epitaxy Prof.Heiji Watanabe Osaka University
Symposium TFT TFMD Light Response of Oxide TFT Dr.Sang-Hee Ko Park Electronic and Telecommunications Research Institute
Symposium TFT TFMD peri-Xanthenoxanthene Organic Thin-Film Transisitor toward Flexible Displays Dr.Norihito Kobayashi Sony Corporation
Symposium TFT TFMD Cu(In, Ga) Se2 Chalcopyrite Material and Solar Cell Application Prof.Takashi Minemoto Ritsumeikan University
Symposium TFT TFMD Grahene, Carbon Nanotubes and Semiconductor Nanowires For TFT and Circuit Applications Prof.Didier Pribat Sungkyunkwan University
Symposium FPD Flexible ePaper with a-Si TFTs Mr.Ian French Prime View International Ltd.,
Symposium FPD Cu Alloy TFT Electrode for Advanced Displays Prof.Junichi Koike Tohoku University
Session TFT Effects of Channel Length and Active Layers Thickness on the Reliability of IGZO TFTs Prof.Min-Koo, Han Seoul National University,
Session TFT High-Voltage Thin Flim Transistor Using Trench Super Junction in LTPS Technologies Prof.Shankar Ekkanath Madathil Sheffield University
Session TFT Three-dimensional Organic Field-effect Transistors Ms.Mayumi Uno Technology Research Institute of Osaka Prefecture
Session TFMD Larger Grain Size of Poly Si Confirmed by MEMS Strain Gauge Dr.Shinya@Kumagai Toyota Technological Institute
Session TFMD Highly Transparent Conductive Zinc Oxide(ZnO) films an Attractive Potential Substitude for ITO, Control of Electrical and Optical Properties on Glass and Polymer Substrates Prof.Tetsuya Yamamoto Kochi University of Technology
Session TFMD High Performance Organic Thin-Film Transistors for High Frequency Electoronic Circuits Prof.Masatoshi Kitamura The University of Tokyo
Session FPD Super Multi-view 3D Display Prof.Yasuhiro Takaki Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Session FPD Crosstalk-Free 3D Display Using OCB LCD Mr.Daiichi Suzuki Toshiba Mobile Display Co., Ltd.,