ECS Japan Section (Technical co-sponsor for AM-FPD’14) and AM-FPD Organizing Committee jointly established the high-minded award, “AMFPD-ECS Japan Section Young Researcher Award”.

  The followings are this award requirements;
(1) First author makes an presentation at AM-FPD'14 workshop.
(2) The author belongs to an university or a research laboratory in Japan, and also is student or young researcher under the age of 35 at July 2, 2014 (the first day of AM-FPD’14).
(3) Please attend the AM-FPD’14 award ceremony, which will be held in July, 2015.

The award ceremony of AMFPD'12-ECS Japan Section Young Researcher Award was appeared in the Winter 2013 of the Electrochemical Society's Interface.