" Carrier transport in semiconductors:
 Fundamentals to practical analyses "
 『半導体のキャリア輸送:基礎理論と評価技術』 このチュートリアルは初学者から知識を見直したい研究者の方々までを広く対象として実施いたします。発表及び資料は日本語でご用意いたします。またチュートリアルへの参加は本会議とは分けて費用が必要です。

Tutorial in Japanese
  Attendees will have a short-course lecture on "Fundamental physics and characterization techniques of carrier transport in semiconductors." Expert speakers will teach controlling factors of carrier mobility and doping, and also explain how to measure and analyze them.
 The tutorial is aimed at beginners as well as experienced researchers who like to review them. Presentations and documents will be in Japanese. The lecture will be available for an additional fee.
演者 Speaker
神谷 利夫 准教授 東京工業大学 Prof. Toshio Kamiya, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Tutorial Program
1.Short Introduction:Fundamental requirements of semiconductor devices
2.Semiconductor physics and carrier transport:Fundamentals
3.Semiconductor physics and carrier transport:Experimental and analyses
日   程
 2010年7月5(月) 17:20〜19:20     
 July 5 (Mon), 2010  17:20〜19:20  
会   場
 東京工業大学 ディジタル多目的ホール
 Multi-purpose Digital Hall, Tokyo Institute of Technology
参 加 費

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Presentations and Documents will be in Japanese. Documents will be distributed to the attendees who have registered in advance. The attendees who make an entry on-site will be admitted into these classes, but no documents may be distributed to them.