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Manuscripts should be submitted using the AMFPD web-based submission system. Authors are requested to prepare a manuscript in accordance with the Instructions for Preparation of a Manuscript in the Submission Site and then follow the Submission Guideline for submission. It is necessary to register as a user in the "AMFPD Online Submission System", if you do not yet have an ID and password.

A. Submission Guideline

The AMFPD welcomes authors to submit manuscripts describing novel, original, and/or content that is significantly different from previously reported results. A manuscript that may be submitted to a journal for publication will be received for AMFPD. In such a case, the authors should conform to the following guidelines

Properly cite the corresponding paper(s) in the manuscript using words like "to be published elsewhere" and/or "details will be reported in - journal name -" and include a brief description in the text about what has been newly added in the AMFPD manuscript.
The authors should not submit the original papers, which have been published or being submitted to a third party. The invited papers are allowed to submit the manuscripts with the contents that have been made public already. The authors, however, have to refer their papers that disclosed such contents.
Contain new results that have never been disclosed to public in any form of presentation and/or poster at a conference, journal article, or press release by the authors including their affiliation.
Include novel findings based on author's theoretical and experimental results. The acceptance/rejection of the paper is decided by evaluating whether the paper describes results that has originality, novelty, and impact in the technical areas of AMFPD.
When the authors are submitting a manuscript with new data based on already published articles, attach copies of the previous publications. Program committee will consider the manuscripts during the review process.
Authors should obtain permission for use of any previously published materials from the original publisher, and clearly show the copyright in their manuscript.

B. Submission Guideline to IEEE J-EDS and ECS-JSS

The authors, who are recommended for paper submission to IEEE J-EDS or ECS-JSS by AMFPD, have to submit within 4 months after AMFPD.
Following materials should be attached with the manuscript being submitted:
Endorsement letter from AMFPD
AMFPD proceedings
The manuscripts have to refer AMFPD proceedings written by the authors to prevent the doubt of the duplicate submission.

C. Copyright

Copyright for a submitted article is transferred to FTFMD. For details, please see The Copyright Policy of FTFMD .
For use of the articles in AMFPD proceedings by third parties, the parties should submit the application form for copyright to the following e-mail address;

D. Limitation on Liability

Neither AMFPD nor its committee members, secretariats, or General Incorporated Association FTFMD (Functional Thin Film Material & Devices) will be liable for damages arising out of or in connection with the use of these sites or any information, products or services contained herein, which includes, without limitation, the materials, even if advised of the possibility thereof.

AM-FPD Secretariats

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